Elegant Cotton Full Hand Gloves And Arm Sleeves Hand Glove For Sun Protection Bike Riding

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These Gloves Is Made Of Cotton Material And Comes In Different Color. It Is Ideal For Casual Wear And Can Be Normal Wash. High Quality Cotton Sleeves For Men And Women. Comfortable To Wear And A Attractive Looks. It Fits Perfectly To Person Above 15 Years And Keeps Hand Warm. Cotton And Long Lasting These Sleeves Offer A Thin, Lightweight Fabric Covering That Offers Safety To The User. They Have Mostly Used To Prevent Scrapes Or Splinters. As These Are Made Of Cotton, Life Is Long And Doesn Get Torn Out Easily, Excellent Durability. Comfortable Best Suited For Protecting Hand To Get Dirty When Outdoors. Can Be Washed And Reused Many A Times. Also Protects From Sun Tans. These Arm Sleeves Protect Your Hands From Any Damage Caused By Sun Such As UV Protection And Tanning Etc. These Sleeves Will Keep Your Skin Tone Light.

Country of Origin: INDIA